Friday, February 3, 2012


In early 2011 I met up with a good mate Sam who is currently driving around Australia and when possible I fly in from Sydney to meet up with him in a location for a few days.

This particular trip, we were driving the Oodnadatta Track and heading up towards Alice and the MacDonnell Ranges. Everything was going fine until we were heading back down south towards Coober Pedy so I could fly home. It started to rain and didn't stop and once the outback roads get some solid rain they turn to mush and are closed until they dry up and are re-graded (which can sometimes mean weeks).

In the end I was stranded at Oodnadatta for three days and eventually had to get a private charter plane back to Coober Pedy in order to get back to Sydney for another job. Welcome to the outback! It's tough going at times but well worth it and the people you meet along the way always make for a memorable trip.
Crossing the flooded Finke River in the Northern Territory
The endless landscape
Its not called the 'Painted Desert' for nothing. Sunrise (looking west) in Arkaringa, South Australia
It is hard to believe that over 70 million years ago a vast inland sea covered this area. The 'Breakaways' 33km north of Coober Pedy, South Australia
Hawks circle the sky above
A father and his son in the South Australian town of Oodnadatta.
Oodnadatta, moonlit.

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